Problems of Genetic Prerequisites of Schizophrenia – Data of Molecular Genetic Researches

Keywords: schizophrenia, genetic abnormalities, psychopathological symptoms, molecular genetic researches


Article contains the review of a number of molecular genetic researches of schizophrenia of the last years in which some problems of her genetic prerequisites are tracked. In article theories of constancy of schizophrenia are presented to populations. Main types of genetic deviations which are associated with the diagnosis of schizophrenia are described. In work the difficulties of interpretation of results which have arisen in the course of researches are lit, the lack of knowledge of mechanisms of an expression of the genes associated with schizophrenia, need of joint studying of genomic variations and the related neurophysiological mechanisms, search of associations with private phenotypical manifestations (psychopathological symptoms and syndromes) and their combinations is noted. It is noted that the search for gene-phenotypic associations is still carried out without taking into account the clinical and psychopathological variability of schizophrenia and related disorders. The prospects of studying the genetic variants associated with frequent phenotypic manifestations (psychopathological symptoms, syndromes and types of clinical course), as well as a variety of clinical pictures of psychoses, which, as a rule, are a reflection of the general etiology and pathogenetic consequences of these disorders, are substantiated.

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Reznik, A. M., Kostyuk, G. P., Morozova, A. Y., & Zakharova, N. V. (2019). Problems of Genetic Prerequisites of Schizophrenia – Data of Molecular Genetic Researches. Health, Food & Biotechnology, 1(1), 21-39.